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Driveway Paving


Arlington Paving Pros has earned the reputation for providing the most carefully installed and beautiful driveways in the Greater Arlington area. 

Our customers know they can expect to receive great value for their money when they turn to us for their driveway paving needs. 


Which is Best? Asphalt or Concrete?

At Arlington Paving Pros we offer asphalt and concrete driveway paving. These two materials are used most often because of their durability and ability to effectively withstand the weight of vehicles.

The question we’re most frequently approached with is which is best, asphalt or concrete? There’s no single answer here! It’ll depend as much on your budget as it’ll depend on the look you're going for and its intended purpose. 

That said, concrete is going to be a strong choice if you’re looking for a versatile material with a range of finishing options. 

Concrete comes into its own when you’re looking for a building material which scales well on a budget, is easy to maintain and blends into your natural surroundings. 

Both can and do offer a great return on your paving investment. 


Installing a Driveway. How it Works

It all starts with a free site inspection. We’ll walk through your property with you, discussing your options. Then, if you’d like to proceed, we’ll develop a costed work plan for you. This document will lay out exactly what happens, by cost, work input and time. 

Nothing will be left to guesswork and you’ll be thoroughly aware of how the work will proceed on your property. 

Once installed, a construction supervisor will carefully inspect the finished driveway with you. Any final issues or concerns you may have will be fully addressed. 

We’ll then set up a maintenance schedule with you and all you have to do is install your beautiful new concrete or asphalt driveway!


Arlington Paving Pros Has a Driveway Option for Any Budget

We have a driveway option that’ll be suitable for any budget or practical requirement. Because we’re a specialist concrete and asphalt paving company, working with us guarantees a perfect balance of savings and quality work. 

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help build the concrete or asphalt driveway you’ve always wanted, please don’t hesitate to call us!

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